Video: Relaunching Practical Androgyny

Nat returns to relaunch Practical Androgyny, with a four-and-a-half minute long video explaining why they've been away for so long, and why they've come back. Click through to watch and read a full, formatted transcript with additional links

Not This Nor That: DIVA Magazine, The Equality Act 2010 and Misrepresentation

The top of the April 2015 issue of DIVA magazine, showing the red title, the very tops of 2 heads and the text 'Melissa Etheridge 'Before I came out, nobody was out"

Hello to new readers who have found this site through the article 'Not This Nor That' on page 43 of this month's DIVA magazine (April 2015). This was an important article drawing attention to the lack of legal recognition and protection for nonbinary people in the United Kingdom, and highlighting the important work of activists… Continue reading Not This Nor That: DIVA Magazine, The Equality Act 2010 and Misrepresentation

About that often misunderstood asterisk

Recently this post by Natalie Reed on the use of 'trans*' was proving controversial among many of the nonbinary and genderqueer people I follow on Twitter. I've talked about 'trans*' before, most recently when answering the Beyond The Binary panel, question 4. I personally have mixed feelings about words involving punctuation marks, especially ones that confuse… Continue reading About that often misunderstood asterisk

Lesbilicious writer asks how ‘helpful’ nonbinary gender is

In the September issue of DIVA, the "lifestyle magazine for lesbian and bi women in the UK", Meg-John Barker wrote a feature article 'Gender beyond the binary' (featured on the cover as 'Queering Gender') exploring nonbinary gender identities. In response to this article, Hattie Lucas wrote an article for Lesbilicious "the web's tastiest lesbian magazine" asking 'Non-binary… Continue reading Lesbilicious writer asks how ‘helpful’ nonbinary gender is

Trans Camp video responses

The UK trans* activist organisation Trans Media Action is running Trans Camp on January 13th at the offices of Channel 4. Trans Camp will bring together trans* people, developers, designers and innovators to come up with ideas to improve the lives of trans* people using web technologies and the media. In order to make sure… Continue reading Trans Camp video responses

How transgender organisations can demonstrate inclusivity

Some people with less common transgender identities express feelings of being made to feel excluded, erased or 'not trans enough' for general transgender spaces, organisations and even identity labels. However the organisers of these spaces intend that all transgender people should be welcome and included and do not wish to see anyone turned away. There… Continue reading How transgender organisations can demonstrate inclusivity

Pink News: Interview with genderqueer performer CN Lester Genderqueer performer CN Lester, who identifies as neither male nor female, talks to Paris Lees about sexual harassment, operatic androgyny and a mutual fear of going blind. What harassment do you face? I don’t take hormones, so the majority of people perceive me as a woman, but obviously a woman who is transgressing gender… Continue reading Pink News: Interview with genderqueer performer CN Lester