Vocal androgyny in speech and singing

https://dailymotion.com/video/xm1iil  - Download audio-only version Video Summary Full summary of the video follows with links to all the people and songs mentioned. Alternatively you can skip directly to the bonus content at the end. Introduction The video talks about vocal androgyny, both in speaking voice and in singing voice. I've seen a lot of videos… Continue reading Vocal androgyny in speech and singing

Pink News: Interview with genderqueer performer CN Lester

PinkNews.co.uk: Genderqueer performer CN Lester, who identifies as neither male nor female, talks to Paris Lees about sexual harassment, operatic androgyny and a mutual fear of going blind. What harassment do you face? I don’t take hormones, so the majority of people perceive me as a woman, but obviously a woman who is transgressing gender… Continue reading Pink News: Interview with genderqueer performer CN Lester