Practical Androgyny talk at BiCon 2011, Leicester, UK

BiCon is the UK’s biggest Bisexual Community gathering, running annually since 1982. BiCon 2011 is taking place in Leicester from Thursday the 1st to Sunday the 4th of September. Practical Androgyny’s editor Nat Titman has been an attendee since 2001, has run several transgender-related sessions over the last ten years and finds the UK Bi Community one of the most accepting spaces to express a non-binary gender.

For this year’s BiCon, Nat will be running a session on Practical Androgyny at 11am on the Saturday, 3rd of September:

In our binary gendered society where people are perceived as either female or male, androgyny is the act of presenting an ‘ambiguous’ gender that resists those perceptions. There are many reasons why someone might wish to adopt an androgynous gender presentation; they may have a non-binary gender (other than female or male), they may be in the process of transition between the binary genders or they may simply feel more comfortable expressing themself that way. This session aims to give a primer on non-binary gender and the practicalities of living with, or obtaining, an appearance that defies gender classification. There will be time provided for questions and answers.

Residential booking is now closed, but non-residential weekend and day passes are still available online. There are numerous other sessions, events and social spaces planned for the weekend, including ‘Trans and Sexuality’, ‘Trans Safer Space’ and ‘Intro To Intersex’. The event is open to all, regardless of who they’re attracted to and which labels the use to describe their sexuality. Everyone attending agrees to abide by a progressive Code Of Conduct including respect for gender identity and expression.

If you can’t make BiCon, there’s also a chance to see Nat give the talk at Recreation Nottingham trans* group at 6pm on Wednesday the 24th of August at The New Foresters, Nottingham City Centre.

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