PinkNews UK General Election Political Debate – X Passports Question

A still from the PinkNews General Election Debate video showing the moderator and all 5 of the panelists

X passports question in video at 1 hour, 14 minutes, 37 seconds. Earlier today the UK LGBT news site, PinkNews, ran a political debate in the run up to the 2015 UK general election. Representatives from 5 political parties were present and were posed questions from both the audience and a Google Hangout. Late in… Continue reading PinkNews UK General Election Political Debate – X Passports Question

Neutrois Nonsense: SEPTA’s Gender Discrimination

Blog Neutrois Nonsense covers why SEPTA's insistence on including prominent binary gender identifiers on monthly travel passes is discriminatory towards trans*, genderqueer, gender variant and non-binary identified people and likely to cause inconvenience or exclusion. For those of you who don’t know, SEPTA is the SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority – ie, the one and only… Continue reading Neutrois Nonsense: SEPTA’s Gender Discrimination

A call for examples

Practical Androgyny needs you! Examples of the following are needed for future articles. Please get in touch if you're aware of: Organisations that allow non-binary genders to be recorded on their registration/application forms, especially if you have visual evidence Banks or credit card companies that allow their debit or credit cards to be issued without… Continue reading A call for examples